Busy Days

Yesterday and today have been jam packed with things going on. 

Yesterday, my dad and little sister Sophie came to visit and to bring a table we had purchased from a website similar to craigslist. When we moved into our house, the table had been constructed to match the kitchen. Image

While it was beautiful, with its granite top and dark wood that matched our counter and cabinets, it was quite large. There was hardly any space to walk around it in the kitchen. As you can see in the picture, it sat over an island, which I wanted to keep because I like the cabinet space. Because of that, though, the table could only seat four + it was a high top table, and I wasn’t a big fan of that. 

So, long story short(er) we decided to get a different table. We found a great deal on a used table that was still in very good shape, came with six matching chairs, and had two leaves. I really wanted a table that could be small for our everyday needs but made larger when we have company over. 

The woman from whom we purchased our house told me that the island and the table were two separate pieces, and that neither was attached to the floor. Therefore, we thought it would be a simple matter of taking the table off the top of the island and out of the house, and moving the island to another place in the kitchen. 
The table and island WERE NOT two separate pieces. Nope. In fact, the whole shebang was built together, so that the cabinet/island was placed first, wood put on top and screwed down to it, and then the granite tile was laid on top of that. To get to the screws, we had to tear off the tile, to get to the tile, we had to take the trim off the edge of the table. Basically, we had to demolish the entire thing.

Then, we moved the now topless island to another part of the kitchen and put the new table in. My dad, being the super awesome handy guy that he is, went and bought a board, cut it to size, and beveled the edge so it wouldn’t be sharp. Now all I have to do is stain it sometime to make it match the rest of the wood in the kitchen, but at least I have a functioning surface! 

So, what was supposed to take about thirty minutes ended up taking all day and a bunch of work on my dad’s part. 
The good news is that I LOVE the extra room the smaller table has given us in the kitchen. It feels so much more spacious in there, now!


Today, I coached practice from 8-10. B&C woke from their nap about 15 minutes after I got home, so I loaded them up and we went to my classroom. I knew I didn’t have long to try and get some work done before we’d need to come home so they could take their afternoon nap, so I set them up with a blanket, mum mums to snack on, and several of their toys.

Cason was his typical high-maintenance self who wanted constant attention, so every three minutes I was back over by their blanket handing him a toy he’d thrown or offering him a bottle. Since the boys will only hold their own bottle for a couple of minutes, they would drink a little bit and then wanted to do something else, so I’d have to help them sit up again. 

Then, as I’m shoving a heavy file cabinet to the other side of the room, I hear crying. Again. I turn to see both boys crying-Brendan half on top of Cason with a death grip on his shirt collar. I’m 98% sure he tackled him.

Anyway, in the 1.5 hours we were there, all I managed to do was rearrange my furniture and student desks and hang three posters. Guess we’re going to have to go back again for several 1.5 hour days. 

Then, this afternoon, I got to spend some time with my friends Courtney and A’lana, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After the boys ate their supper (vegetable mum mums, pineapple, and yogurt) we went outside. They have a tendency to become very fussy in the evening before bed, but being outside keeps them happy. They love to watch the cars go by and just look at all the trees and birds and everything else. Image


My Little Family

I just LOVE days when we get to do everything as a family! Today I was able to spend the whole day with Doug and the boys. 
This morning we just hung out around the house, watched TV, and played with the boys. Then, I blew up their little inflatable pool so they could finally use it! Now that they can sit up better I feel comfortable having both of them in the water. Image

I knew they would love it because they always love bath time, and they sure did! We had a great time playing! 

Then, we all ate some lunch and while the boys napped Doug mowed and I swept and mopped the upstairs and made a couple of things to take to the cheerleading potluck/swimming party that was this evening.

I made my go-to fast easy cookie bar recipe that everybody always loves (thanks Pinterest!) and a new recipe I found (again, Pinterest) for a feta cheese greek yogurt dip. Image

See? Delicious! 

Our GCHS cheer program has 46 cheerleaders this year on the Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams. Tonight we were supposed to have an all-team potluck and pool party for the kids and their families. Not many of the kids on my team came; there were a lot of them on vacation this weekend etc. Even though it was going to last past the boys’ bedtime (it didn’t start until 6:30) we decided to go as a family. The boys actually did really well, and we only stayed about forty-five minutes.

While it was nice to do something as a family, B & C are exhausting to hold these days because they just want to GO and they can’t quite do that yet. So instead, they’re constantly wiggling, throwing themselves around, and trying to climb up on top of your head. Forty-five minutes of them not being able to get down (we were outdoors on wet cement because it had rained) was enough for me! 

As usual, everybody loved the cookie bars. I let the boys have some bites without chocolate chips and they were big fans! The feta cheese dip seemed to go over pretty well. I wasn’t that big of a fan, myself, but oh well.

After coming home and putting the boys to bed, Doug and I were going to use our fire pit and roast marshmallows. We got one at the beginning of the summer, but we’ve barely used it. However, it was too windy and the fire wouldn’t stay lit, so we gave up and drank a glass of wine while watching TV instead. 

I’m so thankful for my family of four and for this wonderful day we spent together. We didn’t do anything wild or crazy or out of the ordinary, but everything we do together is such a blessing because we get to be together. 

Cloth Diapering

Long before the boys were born, I told Doug I wanted to cloth diaper. At first, he reacted like most people do: negatively. Most people picture scrubbing out poop by hand, ugly puffy rubber pants, and safety pins. Cloth diapers today, though, have changed SO MUCH! There are so many different kinds: pre-folds and covers, all in ones, all in twos, pocket diapers, and more! We mostly use pocket diapers, though our newborn stash was made up of all-in-ones and we also sometimes use pre-folds and covers. 

Do you feel like I’m speaking Greek? No worries! I’m about to break down for you the cloth diaper routine in the Marshall household – complete with pictures!

First though, some notes on WHY we decided to cloth diaper. 

  1. Diapers are EXPENSIVE & diapers for twins are doubly expensive!
  2. Babies who are cloth diapered tend to have less diaper rashes/booty issues.
  3. We can use the same diapers for our future children!
  4. Cloth diapers have a high resale value – so after our kids are through I can sell them and get back some of our initial cost, making our diapers even MORE of a great deal!
  5. Cloth diapers are better for the environment.

So, while cloth diapers are a much larger initial investment (depending on which type of diapering system you select), they will save us literally thousands of dollars as we raise a family!


Some cloth diapering systems (pre-folds and covers, for instance) are very cheap! Others, including some pocket diapers, are more expensive. We chose to go with almost all Bumgenius brand diapers, which are more expensive than some but definitely not the most expensive diapers on the market. We selected BGs because of their rave reviews, tendency to work for most babies, and because they are reputed to hold up well for multiple years. We would love to have more children someday, and wanted diapers that would last! 

ImageKeep in mind that they figured relatively expensive cloth diapers here, you can get a complete stash for much less than $800 by buying a simpler kind of diaper, buying on sale (what I did!), and/or buying used. TONS of people buy used cloth diapers, and often you can get dipes that have only been worn once or twice for a much better price than new. We chose to go with all new diapers because we wanted diapers that were in perfect condition to begin with since we intend to use them on multiple children.

Also, in the chart above, the price per child would be repeated for every child you have EXCEPT for the price for the cloth diapers. With CDs, you have a one-time cost for all your kids! How great is that?!

We bought a few diapers each month leading up to the boys’ birth, and after they were born I’ve also purchased some different types of inserts (the absorbent pieces you stuff inside pockets). 

So, some pictures and descriptions to help you better understand the cloth diapers we use!Image

Like I said, we mostly use bumgenius pocket diapers. (We also have a handful of Sunbaby diapers, but, while much cheaper, they are also not nearly as sturdy or well-made as our BG diapers.) In the picture above, I show you the microfiber inserts that come with each bumgenius pocket diaper. There is a large one that can be unsnapped when you child is larger or snapped down for smaller children and a diaper doubler which is a thin piece you can combine with the other. We discovered that our boys are pretty heavy wetters, and just the two microfiber inserts are not enough for them for very long. Instead, we use the larger insert with a couple of small sized cotton prefolds or a hemp doubler

ImageSee why pockets are so great?! They’re easy to customize depending on the age of the child, how heavy of a wetter he is, and how long you need them to keep baby dry!

ImageMany people choose velcro closures for their cloth diapers. We went with snaps because they hold up longer and, again, we want to use these diapers for multiple children. Also, the snaps are not hard to fasten at all!

Another great feature about BG diapers is that they are what is called one-size diapers. Designed to fit babies from 8-35+ pounds, they are made to fit from birth to potty training. Image

There are three snap settings for the rise, so that the diapers can be made smaller or larger. 

We also have a handful of BG Freetimes. These diapers are all-in-one diapers, so there is no stuffing of pockets. However, they take longer to dry and, for our boys, aren’t quite as absorbent as we’d like. ImageAs you can see, once a pocket is stuffed or if you’re using a freetime, it’s really no different to put it on baby than a disposable! Especially if you’ve chosen velcro closures! These types of diapering systems make it easier to get reluctant spouses or caretakers on board with cloth diapering!

ImageSometimes we use prefolds and covers. 

ImageFleece liners are handy because they bear the brunt of the messes. Cut from cheap yards of fleece I purchased at Walmart, they’re easily and cheaply replaceable. These are certainly not necessary, but they’re helpful in keeping your diapers in better shape. Image

We store our dry, clean diapers in the top drawer of their dresser and in a little three-drawer organizer. When the top drawer of their dresser is empty, I move some diapers over. (We have about 50 diapers, several not pictured here because they were in the wash.)Image

Dirty diapers: if they’re just wet, they go in the pail in the boys room. I pull the insert our from the pocket diaper and toss both pieces into the pail. Our pail is simply a trashcan like this from Walmart lined with a Planetwise pail liner. I have two pail liners, so that while one is in the wash (it just gets washed with the diapers) the other can be in the pail. Easy-peasy!
For poopy diapers, we have a diaper sprayer. We spray the poop into the toilet (honestly not as big of a deal as it sounds, super easy!) and then I put the diaper into a Planetwise  wet bag that we keep in the bathroom. When it’s full, the bag and all the diapers go into the wash. Piece of cake!

We have several wet bags and one wet/dry bag (pictured above) so that I can always have a clean one. They’re also helpful when we travel, especially the wet/dry bag. It allows me to keep a day or two worth of diapers in the same bag. They start in the dry pocket and, as they’re worn, move to the wet pocket. All of the bags are designed to keep moisture inside (they’re lined with the same type of material as a cloth diaper), so it’s not like the outside of the bag is wet or stinky.

ImageHere are a couple pictures of the boys where you can see their diapers. Look at those cute fluffy booties!

ImageThis picture shows some of my favorite cloth diapers that we have. (A lot of people get addicted to collecting cloth diapers. I don’t think I’m addicted, but I do love to have fun ones!) Except for the black and white BG freetimes named Albert (after Albert Einstein), these are all WAHM diapers. WAHM = Work At Home Mom, and I’ve purchased them from Etsy shop owners. I like supporting those women, and it’s also fun to get special diapers. 

I am SO happy with our decision to cloth diaper! It has already saved us money, and it is truly not as inconvenient as others think! When people are totally grossed out by the idea of spraying poop off of a diaper, I ask them what happens when their child has a poop explosion that leaks out of his/her diaper and onto his/her outfit. I’ve never had someone tell me they just throw the poopy clothes away! This often helps them to understand how easy it really is to clean CDs, too.

The boys have not had a single diaper rash, and we NEVER run out of diapers and have to run to the store to buy more 🙂 Also, it does not use as much water as many people think it does.


Especially in our home, where we re-use our towels (don’t get a clean one every time you shower! All it did was dry clean water off your clean body!) and re-wear jeans if they didn’t get dirty, we’re not even doing any more loads of laundry than most people. Granted, with twins we go through more diapers each day, so I do laundry more often than many CD moms probably. However, I still only wash diapers every second or third day. 

There is SO MUCH information on the internet if you’re interested in cloth diapering! I encourage you to do your research first, and decide which types & brands of diapers best suit your needs and budget. Watch for sales or buy used if you think CDs are out of your budget, because you will save SO MUCH money in the long run! 

Happy cloth diapering!









My blog post’s title today is in all capital letters because it should be read in an authoritative, booming voice. Bow to The Schedule!

As a mother of twins, keeping them on a schedule is incredibly important. Why, you ask? Allow me to paint you a picture of a day with no schedule/when they are off schedule (like today…)

Both boys wake around 6:30 am (after getting up throughout the night, mind you). They drink a bottle, play some, and go down for a nap. Cason decides, as he often does, that 40 minutes is long enough, thank you very much. Brendan, on the other hand, takes his typical 2-2.5 hour nap.

This is where it all falls apart. Just as Brendan is getting up, Cason is becoming incredibly fussy because he is ready for another nap. I have two choices: 1) Stall Cason and try to keep him happy(ish) and awake until Brendan is ready to nap again in another 2 hours. This choice involves lots of crying from Cason and, from me, lots of holding, walking, bouncing, singing, standing on my head, breakdancing, etc. in an effort to keep Cason happy. 2) Let Cason fall asleep and then right when he wakes, if he takes a good nap this time, Brendan will be ready to nap. 

As you can see, with this type of day I have one baby awake at all times so zero time to get much done and one baby is asleep most of the time, so we can’t do anything fun. I can’t take the boys for a walk, to the park, or on a Target run. We are trapped in the house, and at least one boy (*cough* Cason *cough*) is grumpy due to lack of sleep.


When the boys were younger I practiced “one up – both up” which was a major key to keeping The Schedule, and therefore my happiness and sanity! The idea is that when one baby wakes, you wake the other. Then they’re both ready to nap again at the same time. This worked quite well when they were small and slept the same amount of time, or very close to it, most times anyway. They’ve really changed, though, and as they get older it is apparent that Brendan requires more sleep than Cason. Also, it is apparent that Cason is sometimes just ridiculous. So, if it has been a reasonable amount of time (1.5 hours, for example) I will go ahead and wake Brendan. If it has only been 20-40 minutes, though, I won’t. I have also found that I can let them get apart about 15 minutes and still get them to nap at roughly the same time, so sometimes I let Brendan sleep an extra fifteen minutes and then wake him; say if Cason only slept for an hour – Brendan would get an hour and fifteen minutes. 
         **A note about one up – both up at night. I DEFINITELY recommend this for the first several months of parenting twins. Otherwise, as soon as one fills his little belly the other wants to eat and you get ZERO sleep! As they’ve gotten older I could tell that Brendan would sleep through the night sometimes if I quit waking him with Cason, so I’ve made that adjustment and many times Brendan sleeps all night.**


On a good day, which we used to have lots of, then almost none of (no-napping sleep-boycotting monster babies emerged this summer!) and have recently-THANK HEAVENS-gone back to having most days, our schedule looks like this:

Wake 6:30/7:00
Bottle, playtime/run errands
Nap 8:30/9:00
Wake 10:30/11:00
solids, playtime/run errands/church, bottle
Nap 12:30/1:00
Wake 2:30/3:00
playtime/run errands, bottle
*Sometimes* catnap at 4:30/5:00
Wake them at 5:30
solids, playtime/bath time, bottle
Down for the night between 6:30-7:30

Then, on a good night, they sleep through or only wake once! Sometimes, like last night, they get up a lot. Nights like this tend to precede off schedule days, and then sometimes, bad nights follow off schedule days. As backward as it may sound, sleep begets sleep, so they less sleep they get the less they sleep for awhile. It is a hard cycle to break, but well-rested babies are happy babies, so I NEED them to nap and sleep well!

I’ve never had just one kid, but my friends with single babies tell me that the schedule is far less important. If your one baby is fussy because of lack of sleep, he/she will eventually nap and then you can get something done. I can imagine that people with children of different ages probably need a schedule, too. I would think that even with just one baby, though, that a schedule would certainly make things easier!

So, when people invite us to do something that is during the boys’ nap or after their (quite early) bedtime, we rarely partake. It is so much easier to have happy, well rested children than to suffer the repercussions of getting off schedule for the next several days! Many of my friends don’t understand, but almost every single one of my MoM (mother of multiples) friends do! And good heavens, I can only imagine how incredibly important a schedule must be if you have triplets, quads, or more!

I Thought I Loved You Then

Today marks two years that I have been married to my dear husband. I love him even more than I did on the day we were married, and I never would have thought that possible. Our lives have changed a lot in the past two years, but I wouldn’t trade a moment I’ve spent with him. 

At our wedding we danced to Brad Paisley’s “Then” in which he sings about the evolution of he and his love’s relationship and how as time goes on he loved her more and more. The lyrics, we both felt, perfectly described our relationship up to that point, and I think they still do. 

I am so incredibly thankful for Doug. He is kind, genuine, loving, generous, hardworking, a man of strong faith and great character, hilarious, creative, intelligent, helpful, and truly my very best friend. He is also such an amazing father to our sons. Watching him be their daddy has added an entirely different, but wonderful, dimension to my love for him. 

I love that I have a husband who takes out the trash and mows the lawn, but isn’t afraid to help wash the dishes or fold some laundry – and he makes delicious meals on the grill! He works hard every day to provide for our family, but he still knows how to relax and have fun spending time with us. He lives every day in such a happy mood, which makes him such a joy just to be around. No matter what kind of a mood I’m in, he can make me laugh. He loves and accepts me for the person I am, while encouraging and inspiring me to become better. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better match for myself, but God knew what he was doing!

So, in honor of our anniversary, here are just a few of the photos we had taken on our wedding day.



Photography by http://mojicaphotography.com/site/ 

Some Friends Are Forever: Lizzy Came to Visit!

I have amazing friends, seriously. A handful of them have been my friends for years and have made huge efforts to stay in touch after I had the boys. I don’t travel much anymore and I certainly don’t just go somewhere alone for the weekend to visit my friends. Thankfully, the ones I’m closest with have come to visit me (some multiple times) and meet my children! They come hang out with me and doing boring mom things like help me around the house, go grocery shopping, etc. 



I don’t know about awesome, but busy being a mom at least!

One of these awesome friends of mine is named Lizzy. We met in college through church and the next year she was on the same cheerleading squad as me, too. Almost immediately we were best friends. We did everything together during our college years, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and she has done so much to stay in touch! She came to visit while I was pregnant, was here when my boys were born, and has since come multiple times to see us.

Lizzy came to visit on Sunday and is leaving today, but I have so enjoyed spending time with her! Some friendships never change, no matter how far you go in between times of seeing each other. We can talk about anything and everything and we always just pick up where we left off. She has helped me so much with the boys these days, gone grocery shopping with me, and last night we got to go out to eat and get some drinks while my husband kept the boys. 



Last night – enjoying a strawberry long island. 

I am so thankful for this friend of mine. She is one of the most kind, generous women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I get to call her my friend! 

I am also so very thankful for all of my other friends, new and old! 

To Go (to Mass), or Not to Go – That is the Question

Having been raised Catholic and then growing greatly in my faith during my college years and the beginning of our marriage, you wouldn’t think this would even be a question. That, however, was BT (before twins). Now, if Doug can’t go with me, like he couldn’t this weekend because he was still in Philadelphia, it becomes a great decision. 

When I do go to Mass alone with the boys, I typically avoid the cry room. This is because the first time I ever took them alone, way back when they were just over a month old, I sat in the cry room. My babies slept the whole time (wish they’d still do that now!) and other people’s kids SCREAMED, ran around, and threw things. I’m talking kids WAY TOO OLD to be doing these things without being reprimanded. I get it, kids will do naughty things, fine. But these parents weren’t even trying to stop them. It seemed they figured since we were in the cry room, it didn’t matter. Consequently, I heard next to nothing during that service and I haven’t sat in the cry room since. 

As the boys get older, taking them by myself gets more difficult. It has become easier to take them other places alone because they are more independent. In Walmart it doesn’t matter if they fuss a bit, or cry, or do their favorite new thing – scream in happiness. During Mass, however, these things don’t work out well. I would either need to sit in the cry room, or pray they kept themselves relatively quiet for just over an hour. 
Plus, and this is the reason why I have missed Mass more times since they were born than I think I ever have before, I get almost nothing out of Mass except the Eucharist. I cannot hear the readings or homily and when I can, I can’t focus on them because I’m too busy feeding one or both babies bottles, trying to keep them from pulling the hair of the woman near me, preventing them from throwing their toys etc. 

I feel guilty because I’m getting nothing from the service, but when I stay home I feel even more guilty. I know that the most important part of Mass is being able to receive Christ in the Eucharist. So, especially lately, I’ve done my best to go. Even when it’s just the boys and I. 

Thankfully, strangers are always so kind and helpful, and we do know some people in the church. For example, today I was running late (as I usually am when I’m alone trying to go somewhere with the munchkins – I really need to get my act together!) and another woman was going into the church. We were the only people still walking in, and she helped lift up the diaper bag a bit so I could walk faster.  
-I’m sure that sounds like it wasn’t a big deal, but when carrying two 18 pound kids + a massive diaper bag big enough for cloth diapers, bottles, etc for both boys, it was so helpful!

As I walked in, Father was just about to go in to begin Mass. He had the best version of, “You’ve got your hands full!” I’ve ever heard, though! He said, “Glory! You are heavy-laden!” 🙂

Then, I sat in the back because Mass was getting started, and I ended up near a kind older lady. Not elderly or OLD, but probably in her sixties. She offered to hold one of the boys about 15 minutes into Mass, and then helped with them throughout. Thank you, stranger named Elaine!

They did a pretty good job of staying happy today, though keeping them happy included allowing them to snack on mum mums and feeding them each a bottle. What can I say, they’re growing boys! 

In the end, I’m always thankful when I choose to go. I know God understands why I missed nearly all of Father’s homily and half of each reading. I know HE knows my heart is in the right place. And, as always, I’m thankful that I had the chance to receive my Savior through the Holy Eucharist. 


Here are some pictures of the boys today after we got home from Ma


As you can see, they weren’t really in the picture taking mood – especially Cason.


My life as a MoM

(I’m in a group on Facebook and MoM is part of the group name. It stands for Mother of Multiples, hence my title today.)

Today I did nothing but spend time with my babies and rest. The only chores I did were absolutely necessary (wash bottles, wash diapers) and we made a trip to Target to pick up some more formula and shop a little.

I often get asked how I manage to take the boys shopping. Today, since I didn’t have much to buy, we didn’t need a cart and I just put what I needed in the bottom of the stroller. When I do have a lot that I need to get, I wear them in my Beco Gemini carriers. I don’t have a recent picture, because when I’m out shopping I don’t just run to the bathroom at Walmart and take a selfie, but here are some photos from when I first got the carriers and practiced at home.


I can wear the boys on front and back, or hip carry, as shown in the second picture. I usually choose hip carry, because it keeps both boys happier. They’re much bigger now than they were in these photos, and much more into things! I carry an extra 36 pounds around this way and I’m constantly having to keep them from grabbing things they aren’t supposed to have, so shopping is something of a workout 🙂 

They’re almost big enough to sit in a double cart (when those are available…) but right now I’m still afraid they’d lean over too far and tip out. 

Going out in public with the boys always earns me multiple stops from strangers wanting to comment on them and ask about them. I get all the standard questions & remarks, some of which are quite ignorant, yes, but I know people are just curious. In parentheses are the answers I think. In reality, I simply answer all of their questions as nicely and quickly as possible, because two aisles down this same thing will happen again and I only have 30 minutes until my children will be screaming from hunger.

“Are they twins?” (No, they just look alike and are the same size and dressed the same. I stole one.) “Are they identical?” (Even I’m not sure, actually.) “Do twins run in your family? On your side or your husband’s?”(No, not really.  It wouldn’t matter if there were twins on my husband’s side anyway, because identical twins are random and fraternal twins are determined by the number of eggs a woman releases as she ovulates. My husband has zero effect on my ovulation.) “Are they natural?” (As opposed to IVF? Yes, they are, but I don’t ask how your children are conceived!) “My mailman’s cousin’s brother’s uncle is a twin!” (And?) “Two for the price of one!” (No, actually, they each consume formula, wear diapers, need a carseat, need a high chair, need a crib, and I even had to pay for BOTH babies’ births, even though it was a single c-section.) “Double Trouble!” (Don’t wish that on me!) “You sure have your hands full!” (Yup.) “I don’t know how you do it!” (This is my personal favorite. In a way, it makes me feel awesome, like I’m doing something so cool. In another way, I don’t even know how to respond because idk, I just do it. And lastly, I always think, actually, my kids are pretty great! I don’t know how people with extremely colicky babies or moms who have older kids and then twins or twin toddler and then little ones do it! We all just do what we have to, because those are our children and that is our life) etc.

I ESPECIALLY get these remarks when I wear them. In fact, I just wore them in Target earlier this week and one of the women who worked there said, “You sure have your hands full!” but then she did something no one has ever done. She went with me to the register (I was nearly there) and she unloaded my cart for me! That is the hardest part when I’m wearing them, because I have to bend over a bit and I have to keep them from bonking heads with each other or on the cart or grabbing what I’m taking out or even from falling out of the carrier on their heads. I was so touched that she thought to do that! If I ever see a MoM out like that I will be sure to do the same!

Anyway…enough about how we go shopping! The boys and I had a fun day just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. I even practiced taking pictures with them with my new computer because I am so rarely in pictures with my boys; I usually take them.ImageImage

Gosh, I just adore them! They napped pretty well today, so they were their typical happy selves for the most part. 

Tonight was bath night, which is always exhausting. Thankfully we have some awesome little bath seats that really help when bathing two at once! Image

The boys love them and I often turn them so that they’re facing each other. Still, bath-time for two by yourself is a logistics thing, as are many things with twins. (In case you don’t know, you should NEVER leave a child unattended in water. Even in a bath seat – they can still tip over!) So, in case you’re curious or if you’re about to be a MoM, here is a run down for you of bath time in the Marshall household:

  1. Leave children in safe place [playing on floor, in jumperoo and exersaucer, in high chairs (that’s where mine usually are because bath comes after supper)], run bath water, and put towels and washcloths in bathroom.
  2. Get night time diapers, jammies, and all lotions and creams necessary ready in bedroom. Put these things next to a blanket on the floor.
  3. Strip children down, place in bath. 
  4. Let play. 
  5. Wash & rinse children.
  6. Take one child out and dry mostly. Lay on bath rug wrapped up in towel. 
  7. Take second child out and dry most of the way. 
  8. Pick up child one from the floor. (I find it easiest to do this part carrying the boys like footballs under my arms.)
  9. Carry both babies to bedroom and place on blanket on floor. 
  10. Finish drying and coat in coconut oil, lotion, etc. and put diapers and pjs on. Done!

Whew. What a long post this turned into!

Sorry about that! (<—-this line should be read in the voice of Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone film when he knocks down the door to Hut on the Rock, The Sea. lol)

My Night In (& an update on the eating habits of B&C)

Doug is in Philadelphia this week for the YMCA National Convention (or…something like that, I don’t know the actual title). I miss him terribly whenever he’s gone; he is truly my very best friend. He’s also an amazing husband and father who greatly lessens my workload here at home and with the boys.

My mom and sisters were here all week, and it was awesome to have their help! They headed home this evening, though, so it’s just the boys and I.

I decided that, for the few hours they will *probably* sleep after I put them down until I’m ready to go to sleep, I’m going to take a break from cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. (Seriously, if you saw my house you’d think I took a break from these things constantly, but really I don’t!) This week has been exhausting, between coaching my cheerleaders, the cheer clinic at the YMCA, and caring for the boys without Doug’s help. (My mom and sisters are SO helpful, but my mom had to take a class all day every day, so most of it was still on me.) I’m sure thankful for that awesome man!

Anyway….I decided to order supper and watch movies in bed! Image

Don’t worry – I’m not going to eat ALL of that! I just couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I had to order all of it 🙂 Pizza, wings, and cheesy breadsticks. 
Then, of course, I chose Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as the movie I wanted to watch. 

I am a massive nerd, and HP is one of my great loves! Though the books are FAR better than the movies, I still love the films. Anything HP is awesome in my book! 

We’ll see if I can even make it through the whole movie; I’m so tired! I hope that the boys sleep tonight!

Brendan and Cason

On an entirely different note, the boys have been doing awesome with their solids! (translation: they’ve been doing better at eating “real food”) Most days I serve them two “meals” and today, between the two meals, they each ate: two mum-mums (Basically a very thin, smooth rice cake but I get the kind that are made with vegetables, too. They pretty much dissolve in the boys’ mouths as they suck/chew on them, and they love them!), greek yogurt with applesauce mixed in, a few little bites of ham, a few little bites of turkey, a half slice of bread, applesauce, and a few pieces of various veggies – carrots, broccoli, squash, peas, and green beans. They’re big eaters; baby led weaning (mostly) was definitely the right choice for us! You’d think those full little bellies would help them sleep at night! 

They also LOVE to drink water out of their sippy cups. So much so, in fact, that I cannot give them the cup until the end of their meal or they will not eat anything else. They SCREAM and have a huge fit if you try to take it away from them. Don’t let them drink out of your straw at a restaurant either, or you’ll never get your cup back! They’re such silly, sweet babes.