My Little Family

I just LOVE days when we get to do everything as a family! Today I was able to spend the whole day with Doug and the boys. 
This morning we just hung out around the house, watched TV, and played with the boys. Then, I blew up their little inflatable pool so they could finally use it! Now that they can sit up better I feel comfortable having both of them in the water. Image

I knew they would love it because they always love bath time, and they sure did! We had a great time playing! 

Then, we all ate some lunch and while the boys napped Doug mowed and I swept and mopped the upstairs and made a couple of things to take to the cheerleading potluck/swimming party that was this evening.

I made my go-to fast easy cookie bar recipe that everybody always loves (thanks Pinterest!) and a new recipe I found (again, Pinterest) for a feta cheese greek yogurt dip. Image

See? Delicious! 

Our GCHS cheer program has 46 cheerleaders this year on the Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams. Tonight we were supposed to have an all-team potluck and pool party for the kids and their families. Not many of the kids on my team came; there were a lot of them on vacation this weekend etc. Even though it was going to last past the boys’ bedtime (it didn’t start until 6:30) we decided to go as a family. The boys actually did really well, and we only stayed about forty-five minutes.

While it was nice to do something as a family, B & C are exhausting to hold these days because they just want to GO and they can’t quite do that yet. So instead, they’re constantly wiggling, throwing themselves around, and trying to climb up on top of your head. Forty-five minutes of them not being able to get down (we were outdoors on wet cement because it had rained) was enough for me! 

As usual, everybody loved the cookie bars. I let the boys have some bites without chocolate chips and they were big fans! The feta cheese dip seemed to go over pretty well. I wasn’t that big of a fan, myself, but oh well.

After coming home and putting the boys to bed, Doug and I were going to use our fire pit and roast marshmallows. We got one at the beginning of the summer, but we’ve barely used it. However, it was too windy and the fire wouldn’t stay lit, so we gave up and drank a glass of wine while watching TV instead. 

I’m so thankful for my family of four and for this wonderful day we spent together. We didn’t do anything wild or crazy or out of the ordinary, but everything we do together is such a blessing because we get to be together. 

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