An *Almost* 3 Day Weekend!

This is almost a three day weekend for me! We had parent-teacher conferences this past week, so late nights Tues/Thurs = just two hours of conferences this morning from 7:30-9:30 and then the rest of the day off! 
It has been ages since I posted, but life is so crazy busy that blogging gets pushed to last place. 

This past week has also been the Little Buffs Cheer Clinic with the high school cheerleaders I coach (well, with all three teams). Between conferences and the clinic, this week was nuts! I’m SO thankful for this three day weekend. 

Today I was finished with work at 9:30. I was supposed to take my van to get the door fixed at 10:30, but I really didn’t want to have to wake the boys from their nap (they get so grumpy when I do that!) and then go sit in the shop for 1-2 hours. Thankfully, when I called and explained my situation, they agreed to come pick the van up from my house and then bring it back – YAY! It worked out perfectly, they actually had it finished and back right before the boys woke from their nap. 

Then, B & C and I ran to Walmart. Some very generous past teachers/bosses/friends of Doug and I just sent us a gift card, so I was able to get some new pans + all the baking ingredients I had run out of. When we got home, my little sisters got here. They’re staying the weekend with us – so fun! We ate some lunch, a yummy EASY recipe I found on Pinterest, and then whipped up some sugar cookie dough while the boys napped so that it can chill until tomorrow. I’m trying out a new recipe and want to try a new frosting, too. These will be Halloween-themed cookies, but the recipes are a trial run for the cookies I want to make for B & C’s birthday party. 

ImageBrendan and Aunt Hope

This evening, I had to go to the high school football game so I could help with the little girls’ clinic. They were all so cute! Big thanks to my friend A’Lana for coming over to watch my boys! (Doug has been refereeing some high school games in the area lately, and that’s where he is tonight) Now, we’re watching Happy Feet Two and eating Halloween candy…so fun!Image

Tomorrow afternoon/evening we’re having some friends over for a Halloween party. The girls are excited, and so am I! We have a lot of cooking and cleaning to get done tomorrow, though! 


Life is so great – just busy!