I keep calling this the boys’ first Christmas. It’s not; this was their first Christmas:


All I really remember, though, is nursing them, wearing this ankle length, fluffy, pink robe, barely being able to walk because my legs were still so swollen from my labor & c-section experience, and trying to stay awake long enough to open some gifts with my family during a brief nap we got the boys to take (they were being held). Oh, and taking a family picture in which I looked so disgusting, but was SO HAPPY to have a little family of my own. 

All of that to tell you that this year has been so much fun! The boys are old enough they enjoyed seeing some Christmas lights, they had fun with their felt Christmas tree (thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest!)



they wore these super cute outfits to Christmas Eve Mass


and Christmas morning was fun, too! They loved their new presents. 


First look at their presentsImage

Opening some presents and, of course, trying to eat the paperImage

Sitting in their new chairs with their new “laptops” 

Now we’re in TX visiting Doug’s family and they’re having fun here, too!

I’m sure next Christmas will be even more exciting, because they’ll “get it” more. 




One response to “Christmas

  1. Oh my gosh I love the super cute vest and bow tie Christmas outfits! My twins are seven months, so not sure what they really got about the holidays this year, but dressing them is still so fun 🙂

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