Asked and Answered: the questions people keep asking about baby number 3

I keep getting the same questions (pretty common, I’m sure) about baby number 3, so I thought I’d answer some of them here 🙂

Was this baby planned?
Well, aren’t you just a nosy nelly! Yes and no. We decided not to try, but not to try to prevent. Later that same month I told Doug I thought maybe I’d rather wait a few more months, but it was too late. Obviously this is a great time to have a kid, or God wouldn’t have set it up for us this way. 🙂 

Are you sure it’s just one?
Yes. We’ve been to the doctor and seen our single, precious little one. One baby, one heartbeat.

Do you want it to be a girl/were you trying for a girl?
Well, considering there is literally no way to control which gender your baby will be during conception, no we weren’t “trying for a girl.” We just want a healthy baby. Would it be fun to have a daughter? Yes. Would it be fun to have another little boy? Yes. Either way we will be thrilled to have another little one join our family!

Are you done now (after this one)?
We don’t know yet. We will probably not try to have any more biological children, but who knows. We believe in re-evaluating this decision periodically. We do want our children to be pretty close in age, hence the decision to have a third now. Especially if we don’t have any more, we didn’t want our third to feel disconnected from Brendan and Cason, who will always have a special bond with each other. 

I said biological because I have always wanted to adopt a child. Neither Doug or I will ever make a large salary in our chosen fields, so we probably cannot have an extremely large family. If we adopt a child some day, that would give us four children. 
Of course all of this could change at any time, depending on our life situation etc. 

Will I continue working after the baby comes?
I will have to. Yes, after the cost of daycare my salary won’t be much, but the benefits of my job (like our insurance) we could not otherwise afford. I will, of course, take a maternity leave. 

Are you sure you’re ready?
Ha! No, but I don’t think we ever would be. We’ll have three under two for a few months, and then three under three for a year, true. I think it will be a wild ride, but fun! We are so very excited for this baby to get here in October!



3 responses to “Asked and Answered: the questions people keep asking about baby number 3

  1. Jessie

    I am beyond excited for you to have a third! You are such amazing parents and will do just fine with your gift from God!

  2. If anyone can make this work and make it work well, it’s you (and Doug, of course). I’d give all my HP accessories to be half the momma you are!


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