Full Hands, Full Heart, Full Life

It’s been ages since I blogged! Every day is busy – full of love and laughter and just LIFE.

The boys can walk now – Cason walks everywhere and Brendan takes 6 or 7 steps before falling down. They’ve got their two bottom and two top teeth (well, Brendan almost has both top ones). Unloading cupboards, playing with their toys, reading books, closing doors – these two are always busy! They laugh all the time, and are good at different things already. Cason can throw a ball remarkably well for an almost-one-year-old boy, and Brendan mimics sounds really well. Sometimes he’ll repeat “Hi!” or “Moo” or “Neigh” or “Quack quack” (we talk a lot about what animals say). Brendan gives great kisses and Cason makes a hilarious “I’m being silly” face where he sticks his neck forward and grins. They love to read books, listen to music and watch Baby Signing Time and Bubble Guppies.

I spend any time not with the boys teaching or coaching – my days are very full and I love it:

I wipe noses and bottoms; take toy pigs out of baking pans; read books to my biological children and my school-children; spray out and wash diapers; teach back-tuck pyramids; fold clothes; cook and bake; try to impress upon my students the importance of being kind, respectful, and hardworking; mix bottles; choreograph competition routines; trip over toys; play catch; drag two little people away from toilets; re-fill drawers and cabinets that have been unloaded; do my best to encourage 64 students, 16 cheerleaders, and 2 precious little boys to be the best people they can be; compose blog posts in my head that I never have time to sit down and type; kiss boo-boos; convince parents I’m not out to get their child, just trying to make him work to his potential; I smile at my darling husband as he washes the dishes; I laugh; I pray; I eat way too much; I give hugs and kisses; I enjoy every.single.day.

I am so blessed and so thankful for this life!

Here are some pictures we took over Thanksgiving break at Mom and Dad’s. What fun it was to spend time all together! ImageImage



I Thought I Loved You Then

Today marks two years that I have been married to my dear husband. I love him even more than I did on the day we were married, and I never would have thought that possible. Our lives have changed a lot in the past two years, but I wouldn’t trade a moment I’ve spent with him. 

At our wedding we danced to Brad Paisley’s “Then” in which he sings about the evolution of he and his love’s relationship and how as time goes on he loved her more and more. The lyrics, we both felt, perfectly described our relationship up to that point, and I think they still do. 

I am so incredibly thankful for Doug. He is kind, genuine, loving, generous, hardworking, a man of strong faith and great character, hilarious, creative, intelligent, helpful, and truly my very best friend. He is also such an amazing father to our sons. Watching him be their daddy has added an entirely different, but wonderful, dimension to my love for him. 

I love that I have a husband who takes out the trash and mows the lawn, but isn’t afraid to help wash the dishes or fold some laundry – and he makes delicious meals on the grill! He works hard every day to provide for our family, but he still knows how to relax and have fun spending time with us. He lives every day in such a happy mood, which makes him such a joy just to be around. No matter what kind of a mood I’m in, he can make me laugh. He loves and accepts me for the person I am, while encouraging and inspiring me to become better. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better match for myself, but God knew what he was doing!

So, in honor of our anniversary, here are just a few of the photos we had taken on our wedding day.



Photography by http://mojicaphotography.com/site/