Singleton after twins – pregnancy up to 21 weeks

Many people ask me if it’s different carrying a singleton than it was with twins. 

Um, YES! 

Truly, and I know not all singleton pregnancies are easy, but compared to my twin pregnancy, my singleton pregnancy thus far has been a piece of cake. (please don’t let me have just jinxed myself!)

“Morning Sickness”
I was horribly sick (vomiting “morning sickness” that was really all day every day) with B&C for the first 5ish months. At one point, I was kept overnight with an IV of fluids because I hadn’t even kept water down for over 48 hrs. I literally threw up every.single.thing I ate. This time, I had about 2.5-3 weeks where I was sick at least once a day, sometimes twice. After that it went down to a few times a week. Now, I’ve maybe been sick once in the past two weeks. 

I’m tired, of course, because being pregnant does that to you. Your body is taking lots of energy to grow that little one. I’m not nearly as tired as I was when pregnant with the twins, though I think much of that may also be that I’m not as sick so my body actually has some fuel to run on. 

Honestly, my stomach looks about the same as it did with the boys at this point. I “popped” far earlier, too. The best way I’ve had that explained to me is this: “Your uterus is like a balloon. The first time you blow up a balloon, it is hard to do. It takes a lot more effort and expands much more slowly. The second time, it’s much easier.” Also, I was relatively thin before I had the boys. This time, I have a lovely extra layer of fat and skin on top of my bump, which adds to its size 😉

How it Feels
A million times more comfortable! 🙂 I was actually just reminiscing on being about this far along with the boys. When some family asked how I was feeling and I told them I was starting to feel uncomfortable, they laughed at me. In retrospect, I really was starting to feel uncomfortable! From 16ish weeks on, my belly just felt so TIGHT and FULL all the time. This time, I actually got a little nervous because I didn’t seem to feel the baby as much, even though I knew logically that made sense. My OB said, “Well, of course! Last time you felt double the movement and each kid had half the space to move in.” I figure this little one must just be swimming laps in there 🙂